Food Stations

*Minimum of 20 guests per station

Poke, Carvery, Donuts - $200 per attendant per station

Plated Functions

3 course dinner will include a predetermined choice of entrée

4 course dinner will allow guests to select entrée tableside

$100 flat fee will apply for plated functions of less than 20 people

Buffet Functions

$100 flat fee will apply for buffet functions of less than 20 people

Beverage Stations

$250 per bartender/bar set up (4 hours)

$250 per cashier
*Bartender fee will be waived for functions of less than 4 hours if minimum of $500 per bar is met

Coat Check Fee

*Required for events of 50+ guests

Complimentary 2 hours for arrival and departure of guests

$100 per attendant per hour

Outside Catering Fee

0-30 guests: $150

31-60 guests: $250

61-90 guests: $350

*Additional fees will be incurred for delivery further than 1 block from Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Corkage Fee

*Items brought in as corkage cannot be the same vintage, varietal, type that is available at the hotel

$20 per 750ml non profit

$25 per 750ml bottle

$4 per cocktail or beer served

Confetti Fee

$500 service cleaning fee

**Additional service staff- $100 per additional staff per hour